Somewhere along the lines of man versus machine comes this mythical synergy of man and machine, aka the collaborative effort by Manchester-born wordsmith Mad Brains and his wingman Srabi Machine of Ça Sonne Bien. The two friends recently hit the studio to record this experimental 7-track banger, featuring a heady brand of futuristic beats by Srabi and a smorgasbord of otherworldly flows by Brains. Head over to the friendly folks at Radio Juicy to download this EP for free, but be sure to have your headphones at hand, as MYTH goes straight to the dome.

Favorite Track: I’m going with “My Villains”. Is it me or does Mad Brains sound like Danny Brown’s cousin on this one?

Here’s an inside look at the production process behind the EP’s track “Minimal” feat. J-Flowz.

Need another fix? Check out Mad Brains’s debut mixtape ZADES on your way out.