Run The Jewels-Killer Mike-El P-press pic-levislev

So you want to run with the big dogs, run the streets, run the jewels, huh? Run the what? Maybe you simply didn’t know you had this in you. Tell me about it. Initially, I guess I just wasn’t ready for the raw power and progressive approach brought to the table by these two lyrically inclined rap heavyweights. Featuring the forward thinking production genius of Brooklyn-born undergroud staple El-P (Company Flow ring a bell?) and the pound-for-pound, versatile punch of ATL mic-assasin Killer Mike, Run The Jewels is clearly in a hard-hitting league of its own, which can take some getting used to. Go ahead, take your time, ease into that armchair and sip on that cognac. Be a student again, learn to run the flow and how to flow on the run. Let’s Run The Jewels, shall we:

RTJ are back on track with their second album/mixtape. Be sure to download Vol. 1 if you haven’t yet. If you have, then keep it moving and grab the free deuce people, c’mon. With a sweet track-by-track commentary included in the download, Run The Jewels 2 is carrying some serious weight, that will plow straight through your speakers and up into your spine; otherworldy beats, banging on vicious baselines, winged by bareknuckle verses that remain true to their roughneck lineage. Chew on that one for a second. I guarantee you it’s real.

After all, it doesn’t get much realer than this, does it?! MEOW THE JEWELS, aka running with the big cats. Things are getting purrsonal: