Back from a 10 year hiatus, since their self-entitled 2004 debut release on Ninja Tune, Polish nu-jazz outfit Skalpel is set to take the stage and continue spreading good vibes. Following the release of their latest album “Transit“, now on their very own imprint PlugAudio, they dress and serve up this brilliant mix for i-D‘s promising Slumber Session series. Inquisitive in nature, heady at heart, endlessly shapeshifting, sampling through time and space, their electronic, dub and trip-hop influenced post-jazz is quick to take control of your mind and settle stuff on a whole other level.

These two are no strangers to the game, so take a seat, buy some popcorn and embark on and return from this jazzy journey through cinematic soundscapes, beautifully detailed, rich in color and flat-out fresh from the get-go. Also, do yourself a favor and check out their other repertory. Time to sharpen your ears and get rid of those fears.

See you later! Maybe back in 1958.