If Belgium had a coast, this would likely be its score. Wait a minute, Belgium does have a coast, though I’m not sure those dolphins belong there. Whatever the story behind this flavor-laden 4-track stew, GOULASH sure puts the hustle in Brussels.

In a light-hearted endeavor Belgian beatmakers NOZA and Barok, DJ Kwistax and MC Kalo de 78 cook up a musically rich EP sure to appeal to your tastebuds.

Blending beats and flows with Francophone finesse this’ll kick off your day with an ever so subtle scent of musk “Ah ce matin, chais pas trop ce qui s’est passé!”, merging into a Blockhead-esque 2-minute break for the true headz, before handling matters at ground level backed by the likes of Grems, only to rise again in a dreamy, trumpet-driven ode to urban tropicalia. Life, after all, is a beach! Best believe.

Grab this release via bandcamp. Check for the link in the credits and replace the ‘$’ by an ‘e’, as in easy does it.

While you’re digging, make sure to check out NOZA’s work with rapper/graphic designer Grems.