“Tapes, tapes we love dem tapes! I remember, before the downloading days, we used to go get the CD, dub it on cassette, return it, do it again and again and again and it don’t stop. Tapes, tapes we love dem tapes! Listenin’ to undergroud tapes, whether they be four-track the 16 or the 8.”

Fresh off the track UK underground hip hop beatmakers, producers and djs the Jazz Spastiks team up with Rebels To The Grain to share this chugging cut: An off-kilter boombap burner, huffing and puffing along dusty sample rails with steaming syllables flowing up ahead. Just another sunny afternoon, riding the highline. Grab this before it pulls back out the station. Choo-choo! Shoutout to the Metroplitan Transit Authority and the Golden Era.

As announced today this is but a preview of what’s to come: The “Unkut Fresh LP” will be dropping on vinyl early this April and limited to 500 copies via Dusty Platter.

In the meantime, here’s some more groove-ridden Jazz Spastiks Product:

And on the West Coast: