Slovenian producer Žiga Murko first popped onto my radar with a brilliant pair of Hiphop releases, alias the Green Room and most recently the Purple Room. So I dug a little deeper and let’s just say, there’s more where that came from: A musician first and formemost, Murko is enviably adept at composition and arrangement, mastering the art of sampling as well as all sorts of gear from drum machine to synthesizer. He also turns out to be a top-notch trombone player as revealed on this lovely 5-track jazz fusion album, recorded and released by Žiga Murko’s band project back in 2013. True to its title “Island” is bathed in wavy matter, but far from watered down. In a stellar session Murko, flanked by his musical companions on drums, guitar and bass, features a wide array of interchanging ideas, rhythms and flows in melodic improvisation, ultimately transcending space and time. Just make yourself at home and let this mindbending composition full of soul and funk-filled intuition take its upbeat yet equally soothing effect on you. “Island” could be your new harmonious retreat, if you choose to listen.