Opposites attract, but do they? Isn’t it more about emphasizing the common grounds in what is essentially opposed? Leave it to Stuttgart-based DJ and producer Konstantin Sibold to discover that magical link in the chain, bringing Jay-Z to the stage with Minnie Riperton, if only for a few minutes. A veritable match made in paradise, literally. Sibold ingeniously samples Riperton’s silky “Inside My Love”, off her 1975 album “Adventures In Paradise”, then brings in Jay-Z slinging his iconic “I’ve got 99 problems, but a bitch ain’t one” verses, as Minnie repeatedly chimes in, “We should be-e-e, ooone!” It’s common sense people. Just follow the groove.

Head over here or here to download this essential track. Also, dig the original:

And if you were wondering, how to reproduce that catchy bongo rhythm at the start of Konstantin’s remix, you may want to check out the tutorial below.