Mild High Club Alexander Brettin press pic

Already runner-up for band name of the year in my book, Stones Throw’s Mild High Club is set to release its debut LP “Timeline” on September 18th. Alexander Brettin, former singer and guitarist of the Chicago-based Soft Candy unit, having previously recorded/performed with musically like-minded creative artists such as Ariel Pink, “I Like To Stay Home”-R Stevie Moore and Stones Throw fellow-act Silk Rhodes, returns with his mildly inebriated, jazz-touched, 60’s-feel, psychedelic stoner-rock outfit to blow our collective minds. After pushing forward a two-track debut 45, his latest album preview “Undeniable” is undeniably just as special, with an ever so subtle Dexys Midnight Runners-“Come On Eileen”-tooralooraloo touch to it. Hear for yourself:

Here’s the A-side “Windowpane” off the debut self-entitled 7″:

And here’s the crew performing B-side “Weeping Willow” live in the dungeon/stockroom w/ Mndsgn on keys: